About us

The Bom Trading Company (t/a Fairtex.eu) has been established in 2017, out of passion for the sport and culture of Muay Thai. When practicing what is often considered “the most lethal martial art in the world”, we find that everybody deserves to have access to the best equipment available to keep you safe. Moreover, we want to inspire you to enjoy the sport to the fullest. With a background in international trade and networks in both Thailand and Europe, we can serve you most efficiently.

Our drive

The Muay Thai sport has been gaining so much popularity, because you are able to challenge your physical endurance and mental limits and exceeding them. Beside the obvious physical benefits, Muay Thai will help you develop personal traits, such as: perseverance, self-control, resistance, defensibility, mental focus, discipline and respect. Moreover, when training together with others, you can enjoy socializing, creating trust and sense of camaraderie. So, while enjoying training and making yourself a better person, why not use the best quality equipment that even has great design?

Based on our core values, we have formed the following mission and vision statements:

Our mission is to provide easy, quick and reliable access to the highest quality, most fashionable and innovative equipment and apparel to fight sport enthusiasts in Europe.

Our vision is a world in which people are inspired to enjoy practicing fight sport in order to nurture their body, mind and soul.

Company details

Bom Trading Company is authorized importer and distributor of authentic Fairtex equipment and apparel, based in the Netherlands.

Company name: Bom Trading Company
Trading name: Fairtex.eu
Address: Vierschaarserf 26
Postal code: 3991 KD
Place: Houten
Country: The Netherlands
CoC number: 68849974
VAT number: NL199517472B01


Telephone number: +31-(0)30-7501540 (available: mon-fri between 09:00-17:00 UTC+01:00)
Website: https://www.fairtex.eu
Email address: [email protected]